The West County Club is a 501c3 (as defined by the IRS) not for profit corporation. It was created in 1986 to provide a meeting place for people recovering from alcoholism and addiction. It is a place to meet and share experience, strength and hope with each other toward the common goal of recovery. The West County Club is operated by an elected, volunteer board of directors.

The club is not AA,  Al-Anon, NA, CA or GA; nor do we receive money from these or any other organization. The club’s only source of revenue is received from rent for the meeting rooms, memberships, individual donations, special events, and sales of coffee, soda, and snacks.

All are welcome at the club-both members and non-members alike. If you have benefited from spending time at the club, please consider how you may get more involved.  Service and carrying the message are essential for personal recovery. Consider joining as a member and volunteering to help.

Thank you,

West County Club

Board of Directors:

  • Marc Wright
  • Maria Eggert
  • Lisa Partridge Mankowich
  • Tim Hentchel
  • Brent Moss
  • Rich Cornell
  • Dale Darby
  • Jack McMurry
  • Travis Coulter
  • Niall J.